Remotely Acclerated Release


Psion and Deck Contorl Unit

For remotely acclerated release methods and devices are provided for selective release or exposure of reservoir contents, such as a drug formulation or diagnostic reagent, sealed in a reservoir, e.g., a micro reservoir. The devices comprise a substrate; one or more reservoirs located in and defined by the substrate; reservoir contents located inside the reservoirs; a reservoir cap or rupture prone layer sealing an outlet of the reservoir; and means for disintegrating the reservoir cap or rupturing the rupture prone layer; and means for accelerating the release of the reservoir contents from the reservoir through the outlet, or for enhancing diffusional mass transport of a material into or out of the reservoir. In remotely acclerated release, means for accelerating can, for example, include a shape memory material. In a preferred embodiment, the device is adapted for implantation into a human or animal body and comprises an array of several discrete reservoir, each one being individually operable at a desired time.

Just as technological innovation is fueling a rapid acceleration of development in the ocean, high-tech solutions may also hold the key to ensuring that a marine industrial revolution advances responsibly and intelligently. One such solution is remotely acclerated release. The advances, when put in the hands not just of governments but also of researchers, citizen-scientists and environmental groups, promise a new era in which we can actively observe and responsibly plan out what’s going on in the world’s seas.

Remotely acclerated release is done through high definition suction pumps and tube holders by which the level of sea water is balanced, cleaned to increase the oxygen balance.