Proudly presents Fiobuoy® – The ultimate marine marker and retrieval solution designed to redefine safety and efficiency in marine navigation and underwater object retrieval.

Fiobuoy Applications

Fishing & Aquaculture

The future of fishing and aquaculture lies beneath the surface, and Fiomarine stands at the forefront of this transformative movement.


Unlike conventional underwater retrieval methods, Fiomarine’s products present the Environmental Monitoring, Oceanography, Hydrography, and Fisheries Research communities with a compelling advantage.


Fiomarine’s commitment to excellence have been serving forces around the world for more than two decades.

Environmental sustainability

With minimised disruption to marine ecosystems, the Fiobuoy reduces incidents of entanglement of whales and other marine animals.

A complete underwater recovery system all in a unique buoy design


Elevate your maritime operations with Fiobuoy – your pathway to safer, more efficient, and environmental responsible practices.

Fiomarine is an Australian-owned and accredited company, located in Tasmania, and the sole developers and manufacturer of the Fiobuoy. More than just a submersible or pop-up buoy, the Fiobuoy combines an acoustic release, marker, flotation, retrieval line and line storage all in a unique buoy design; An all-in-one system that offers increased reliability, flexibility and control when retrieving your underwater equipment. Fiomarine’s technology has undergone rigorous testing for more than 25-years in some of the world’s most hostile marine environments and under the most demanding deployment conditions.

We are a trusted supplier to the defence industry for more than 20-years and continue to supply a variety of customers across the marine research, oil & gas, fishing, and aquaculture industries, globally.

Fiomarine is more than just a company; it’s a symbol of innovation, reliability, and environmental stewardship. Whether you operate in the defence sector, commercial fishing, marine research or any industry requiring underwater equipment retrieval, the Fiobuoy is your ultimate solution.

Tried, tested and proven for more than 25 years

More than just a submerged or pop up buoy, the Fiobuoy is an innovative piece of marine equipment. It will conceal and secure underwater equipment whilst simultaneously allowing for simple and safe retrieval.