If you have underwater equipment in Marine Research , Oil & Gas , whale entanglement,Defence and Fishing & Aquaculture industries, we can help you keep it secure and retrieve it.

The Fiobuoy Range: an economical and reliable alternative for the recovery of underwater instruments and equipment.

More than just a submersible or pop-up buoy, the Fiobuoy combines an acoustic release, marker, flotation, retrieval line and line storage all in a unique buoy design.An all-in-one system that offers increased reliability, flexibility and control when retrieving your underwater equipment.


  • Superior to traditional acoustic release systems
  • Valuable equipment concealed underwater
  • On demand release and retrieval
  • No need to source or fit separate components
  • Quick and easy deployment and redeployment
  • Leave no sacrificial weight; bring it all back
  • 10 year + track record
  • MORE


Nova Scotia Gear Innovation Summit – March 2020
Last month, CEO John Fiotakis attended the 2020 Gear Innovation Summit hosted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) in Nova Scotia, Canada. The opportunity to showcase our product sparked interest amongst a wide audience. Attendees included: fishermen, technical experts, indigenous partners, academia and non-government and government agencies at the regional, national and international levels. The feedback received was overwhelming and certainly affirmed our belief that we are a leading global supplier of submersible marine buoys, capable of resolving the marine wildlife entanglement problem faced by many fisheries around the world.
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