Fiomarine’s products were originally built for defence, and forces around the world have been utilising Fiomarine’s technology for over ten years now. This longevity makes the Fiobuoy,subsurface buoy a legitimate piece of defence equipment.

Fiomarine is proud to have the United States, one of the largest and most powerful defence forces in the world as one of its chief users of Fiobuoys,subsurface buoy. The Company has been able to save the US Navy considerable time and money with Fiobuoys.

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Fiomarine’s products are both robust and sophisticated, and can help Defence forces in a range of exercises and operations.

  • Retrieval of mines and ordinance
  • Retrieval of research equipment
  • Covertly marking cleared amphibious landing lanes
  • Deploying sensing and listening devices
  • Deployed with Unmanned Vehicles for quick recovery of valuable assets
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Fiomarine has developed close relationships with its defence customers to ensure its products are adapted to meet their deployment needs. We have worked with the Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO) and the Defence Material Organisation (DMO) on a number of projects. Now when they need a solution for retrieving their underwater equipment, they come to Fiomarine first. If you have an underwater defence project but haven't found a reliable and economical solution for retrieval, tell us about it in an enquiry form and we will work with you to develop the best solution.