Marine Research

In comparison to conventional underwater retrieval methods, Fiomarine’s products present the Environmental Management, Oceanography, Hydrography, and Fisheries Research communities a compelling advantage.

What We Do


Tried, tested, and proven for more than 25 years.


A complete underwater recovery system, in a unique buoy design.


Each Fiobuoy is encoded with a six-digit pin number.

Fiobuoy for Marine Research

The Marine Research community needs assurance that its monitoring equipment and data is not only secure underwater, but more importantly that it can be recovered, and recovered economically.

Fiomarine’s sophisticated subsurface buoys can provide this assurance.

The Fiobuoy offers the Marine Research community a complete, reliable and cost effective alternative to:


Surface marker buoys


Acoustic release & rope


Acoustic releases


Canister systems



Compared with these methods the Fiobuoy offers an all-in-one system, incorporating an acoustic release, marker, retrieval line and line storage, all in a unique submersible buoy design. Shallow or coastal deployments, arctic or tropical conditions, Fiomarine’s technology is tried, tested and proven in securing, locating and retrieving valuable instrumentation for more than 25 years.

“The World’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves.”

Robert Wyland – Artist & Conservationist