Whale Entanglement

Large whales and other marine life periodically become entangled in active or derelict fishing gear, ropes and lines in the marine environment. The Fiobuoy stays tethered to your equipment on the seabed, allowing Whales to safely swim above without risk of entanglement.

What We Do


Tried, tested, and proven for more than 25 years.


A complete underwater recovery system, in a unique buoy design.


Each Fiobuoy is encoded with a six-digit pin number.

Fiobuoy for the protection of whales

Ropeless fishing systems, such as the Fiobuoy, which can be referred to as pop-up or on-demand fishing equipment, are being implemented globally and offer a practical approach to ensure the safety of whales during fishing activities. These systems effectively eliminate the presence of vertical fishing lines in the water, thereby greatly reducing the chances of large whales getting entangled, all while allowing the fishery to function seamlessly.

See how the Fiobuoy can be used to prevent marine life entanglements.

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