Fiobuoy v Acoustic Release

The Fiobuoy is a complete underwater retrieval system. It combines an acoustic release, flotation, surface marker, retrieval line and line storage, all in a unique buoy design.

Fiobuoy V Assembling your own acoustic release system
Components needed:

  • Fiobuoy, and
  • Your payload.
Components needed:

  • Acoustic Release;
  • Weight & tether line;
  • Buoyancy / flotation;
  • Retrieval line;
  • Line storage, and
  • Your payload.
A complete system ready to deploy. Necessary to source, fit and trial separate components.
Light and compact. Often large, heavy and cumbersome, especially if deploying from smaller vessels.
Fiobuoy V Manufactured acoustic release + rope canister
Spool design of the Fiobuoy is the most efficient way of storing and releasing rope, (the same way as supplied by rope manufacturers). Rope canisters are subject to:

  • Premature rope release;
  • Rope entanglement upon or following release, and
  • Difficult re-loading / redeployment.
Supports varied rope lengths and types. Limited in their rope capacity.
Remaining tethered to the seafloor ensures you know where your equipment is – where you left it. In a traditional configuration the anchor is often left behind on the seabed. The released payload then becomes a free floating package and is easily lost in currents and tides.
Unique design of the Fiobuoy allows users to integrate equipment inside the hollow casing, making it an underwater platform. No free space to integrate equipment.
Fiobuoy V Traditional acoustic release
Patented ‘mechanical ‘jaw’ ensures release. Most acoustic releases have a mechanical ‘arm’ which can be inhibited by marine debris and seaweed.
Acoustic Command models are backed up by a programmed time and date of release for increased reliability. No back up provided.
Sophisticated acoustic communications utilises a Broad Band Spread Spectrum technology for increased reliability. Simple signalling with limited unique addressing which can be affected by water salinity & temperature, and marine life etc.
Fiobuoy Total Cost of Ownership V Total Cost of Ownership for all other acoustic release systems
Very low. Very high.

The Fiobuoy is an all-in-one system that is ready for deployment on delivery. Rope and its storage is integral to its design and functionality. Find out more.

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