Fio GMS1000

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Fiomarine has developed the Fio GMS1000: a unique, easy-to-use gas management system that provides for economical, safe and controllable flotation and retrieval of extremely heavy loads.

Remotely activated by the same sophisticated acoustic communication system as the Fiobuoy range, the Fio GMS1000 can be integrated with existing systems to raise, lower and move large equipment underwater. It is also uniquely designed with a minimum magnetic signature WITHOUT the use of explosive squib.


  • Lift bag inflation
  • Cable recovery
  • Retrieving ship fins and more.
Read our case study to see how Liferaft Systems Australia integrated the Fio GMS1000 into their Cormorant Lift Bag.
Minimum Magnetic Signature WITHOUT explosive squib Fiomarine's system is superior to others in that it is designed with a Minimum Magnetic Signature WITHOUT the use of an explosive squib. The absence of an explosive squib in the Fio GMS1000 makes for greater control and faster and more economical deployments. This represents four main advantages over other systems:
  • Switch air both ON and OFF
  • More economical
  • Quick redeployment
  • No need for special storage

Switch Air Both ON and OFF

By designing a system WITHOUT an explosive squib, Fiomarine can switch air or gas both ON and OFF. Our Fio GMS1000 therefore supports much greater control and flexibility when activating inflation and flotation.

More Economical

By designing a system WITHOUT an explosive squib, Fiomarine can save its customers both time and money. An explosive squib is a 'once off' product; it must be replaced after each explosion. Therefore, Fiomarine saves its customers not only the cost of purchasing replacement squibs, but also the labour involved in refitting them. Also, by nature the process of refitting squibs is complex and often impossible aboard a vessel or ship. Fiomarine's Fio GMS1000 supports onboard redeployment, thus representing a saving in ship time but also other related costs such as fuel and labour.

Quick Redeployment

Typically the use of an explosive squib makes it a long and arduous process when preparing for redeployment. With Fiomarine's Fio GMS1000, redeployment can be quickly organised onboard resulting in a much faster exercise or deployment turnaround.

No Need for Special Storage

It is necessary, because of their explosive nature, to store squibs or equipment containing squibs within armoured storage containers. Fiomarine's Fio GMS1000 requires no special storage arrangements. Fiomarine's Fio GMS1000 is so versatile, OEMs in a range of marine industries will find it a simple and effective component for retrieving heavy loads. Fiomarine will collaborate with you to incorporate the system into your specific deployment needs. Fill out an enquiry form and ask us how we can help you save time and money when retrieving heavy loads.