Australian Hydrographic Service

The Problem

The Australian Hydrographic Service’s current metres and tide gauges are extremely valuable and the data they collate is both priceless and irreplaceable. Surface buoys are susceptible to being cut off by passing vessels and they alert thieves to the valuable equipment tethered below. Therefore it is necessary to keep everything hidden and secure under the surface or risk their valuable metres and gauges being lost forever.

The Fiomarine Solution

By replacing surface buoys with Fiobuoys the Australian Hydrographic Service’s monitoring equipment remains invisible from the surface and protected underwater. The Service has also found Fiobuoys to be much more reliable than the conventional acoustic releases they have used. Fiomarine specifically designed its Fiobuoys with a number of features to ensure successful retrieval, and thus reliability. They are heavily protected from leaks, the patented release mechanism ensures minimal marine growth and their cotton spool design provides protection from rope entanglement. Fiomarine’s full two-way acoustic communication system also allows the Service to regularly check their Fiobuoys for battery life etc.

The Result

Fiomarine can proudly say that Fiobuoys have kept the Australian Hydrographic Service’s equipment and data secure and protected underwater since 2000 and the seamen love how easy they are to operate.

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