Key Features

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All-in-one system

Unlike other acoustic release and retrieval systems, Fiobuoys are manufactured as a complete product. With Fiomarine there is no need to source or fit separate components. It is ready for deployment on delivery, therefore lowering your Total Cost of Ownership and ensuring simple servicing and increased warranty protection. For more information about how Fiobuoys compare with other acoustic release systems visit our Fiobuoy v Acoustic Release page.

No plugs or sockets

Manufactured as a complete product also means your Fiobuoy is protected from leaks. Communication is made possible via infra red light transmitted through the casing. This method was selected over conventional plugs and sockets which not only leak but also corrode in many marine environments.

Password Protected

Each individual Fiobuoy is encoded with a six digit pin number to prevent unauthorized use. This also enables each Fiobuoy in a fleet to be accessed and commanded individually via acoustic communications.

Extended Battery Life

Fiobuoys have no ON / OFF switch. Instead, the Fiobuoy's onboard computer is kept in a constant 'sleep' mode, except for its daily, self-diagnostic operation. This not only substantially lowers power consumption and prolongs battery life, but also provides further protection from leaks. Following an 'awakening', 'sleep' mode is automatically re-entered following a predetermined period of inaction.

Robust Construction

The housing of the Fiobuoy range is manufactured from highly durable polymers capable of withstanding the rigours of the harshest marine environment. For defence applications, Fiobuoys have been tested to withstand an explosion of 5kg of TNT within 10m, proving its durability.

Hollow Casing

Fiomarine's 200m Fiobuoy has a hollow casing to allow for easy incorporation of customer specific equipment.

Full 2 Way Communication

The Fiobuoy AC100 and AC200 support 2 way communication, enabling confirmation of commands received and system interrogation during deployment. These can also act as underwater communication platforms for transmission of data.

Performs Self-Diagnostics

Fiobuoys constantly review the condition of their on board batteries to ensure the availability of sufficient power to perform a release event.

Minimised Marine Growth

Fiomarine's patented release mechanism is designed to specifically inhibit marine growth. When the mechanism's 'jaw' is opened any marine growth is forcibly removed, thus increasing its reliability.

Protection from Rope Entanglement

The Fiobuoy range was specifically designed to perform a slow ascent to the water's surface, thus minimizing the risk of rope entanglement.

Performs Emergency Release

During its daily battery check, by default Fiobuoys will perform an 'emergency release' when there is a risk of the batteries losing their energy prior to the scheduled release time / date. This feature is also designed to prevent deployment where the battery voltage is considered too low.

Capable of Leak Detection

Although all Fiobuoys in the range are heavily protected from leaks, the on board electronics incorporate leak sensors. Upon detecting the presence of water in the central chamber the sensors will actuate the release mechanism to perform an emergency release to ensure retrieval.

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