Ghost Fishing California

Ghost Fishing California’ is the term which is used to address the abandoned, lost fishing gears and is considered to be very harmful for the marine life. Ghost Fishing California is considered to be one of the key problems leading to environmental issues. So what is the role of derelict fishing gear in ghost fishing? Derelict Fishing Gear is the main reason behind ‘Ghost Fishing’; it is the process in which the derelict gear continues fishing and strangling marine animals, entangling and killing marine life and habitat. This is continuous process which also leads to environmental issues.

Nets, traps or pots are the best example of derelict fishing gear. So what role does Fiomarine play in fixing Ghost Fishing? Fiomarine introduced Fiobuoy which helps to control all the problems faced by a fisherman like poaching, ghost fishing, shrinking lease availability, diver dependence, maritime animal entanglement. So let us try to know a bit about fiobuoy.  The Fiobuoy is an innovative piece of marine equipment. It will conceal and secure underwater equipment whilst simultaneously allowing for simple and safe retrieval. Superior to other methods of underwater retrieval, the Fiobuoy is an all-in-one system incorporating an acoustic release, marker, retrieval line and line storage, all in a unique underwater buoy.

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