Fiobuoy Range

More than just a submerged or pop up buoy, the Fiobuoy is an innovative piece of marine equipment. It will conceal and secure underwater equipment whilst simultaneously allowing for simple and safe retrieval. Superior to other methods of underwater retrieval, the Fiobuoy is an all-in-one system incorporating an acoustic release, marker, retrieval line and line storage, all in a unique underwater buoy. What is an acoustic release? The Fiobuoy, as a complete system, was designed specifically for underwater security and retrieval. Fill out an enquiry form and we’ll recommend a Fiobuoy model for your deployment.

The Fiobuoy is a simple and reliable alternative to:

  • Acoustic releases,
  • Acoustic release & rope canister systems,
  • Surface marker buoys, and
  • Divers.

Why choose a Fiobuoy?

  • Increased reliability
  • Conceal valuable equipment underwater
  • Protect invaluable data
  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership
  • No need to source or fit separate components
  • 10 year + track record
  • Frees up resources

What's possible with a Fiobuoy?

  • Easy and fast deployment and redeployment
  • Quicker turnaround of exercises and operations
  • On demand release and retrieval
  • Transmit underwater communication
  • Incorporate other equipment in a hollow casing
  • Bring everything back
  • Minimise visual pollution
  • Increase sharing of waterways
  • Improve safety for marine navigation

Acoustic Releases

Compared with the Fiobuoy, traditional acoustic releases present two major disadvantages: they require sacrificial weights and once released they become free floating packages that can be lost in currents and tides. The Fiobuoy, on the other hand remains tethered to both your equipment and anchor. So it will bring everything back and you can be assured your equipment is where you left it.

Acoustic Release & Rope Canister Systems

If you are configuring your own release and rope canister, or using an off-the-shelf system, the Fiobuoy can offer you savings in both time and money. The Fiobuoy is ready for deployment upon delivery and it is tried, tested and proven as both reliable and easy to use. No need for sourcing or fitting separate components followed by trialling and testing. The Fiobuoy was also designed specifically as a complete underwater retrieval system, unlike most releases which have had a rope canister added on. Compared with the Fiobuoy, the rope canister is a much less efficient and reliable method for storing and deploying rope. The Fiobuoy is designed like a spool, the same as how rope manfacturers supply rope - because it is the most efficient and provides the greatest protection against entanglement. For an in depth analysis of how Fiobuoys are superior to traditional acoustic release systems visit our Fiobuoy v Acoustic Release page.

Surface Marker Buoys

Compared with surface marker buoys, Fiobuoys will keep your equipment safe and secure underwater. Whereas surface buoys alert thieves to where your valuable equipment is, and can get cut off by passing vessels, the Fiobuoy keeps everything completely submerged, invisible from the surface.


Using a diving team is not only an expensive but also a time-consuming method of underwater retrieval. As a complete system, ready for deployment upon delivery, and simple and fast re-deployment, the Fiobuoy is a much more efficient retrieval method.

Simple to operate, fast to deploy and security code protected, it only takes a few simple steps to hide and retrieve your equipment with a Fiobuoy. Learn more about how easy they are to operate or watch a Fiobuoy in action. Fill out an enquiry form and we'll discuss how a Fiobuoy can provide you a more efficient method of retrieval.