Fiomarine is the proud designer and manufacturer of the Fiobuoy. We believe in

  • Reliability !
  • Customer service & collaboration
  • Protecting the environment, and
  • Safety for all users

Based at the Technopark, the hub of technology in Hobart, Tasmania, Fiomarine is proudly wholly Australian owned and has obtained the following accreditation and memberships:

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Fiomarine’s technology has been tried and tested in some of the harshest marine environments and the most demanding of deployments. A trusted and long time recognised supplier to the Defence industry, our technology has been incorporated in a number of defence projects and the first products ever sold are still in perfect working condition. This recognition and long term use is proof of our technology’s reliability and robustness, and has allowed us to confidently expand our products from defence into commercial markets.

Customer Service & Collaboration

Building and maintaining relationships with our customers is paramount to the Fiomarine team. We strive to provide service that is both personal and professional and we work with our customers to ensure each product suits their specific needs. Many aspects of our products can be easily adapted to suit specific deployments, and the team is always keen to hear new ideas on utilizing our technology. Fill out an enquiry form and ask us how we can ensure our technology meets your needs.

Protecting The Environment

In an environmentally sensitive era, Fiomarine consciously leaves no environmental footprint. Our motto is “keep everything submerged and bring it all back!”. Many coastal areas are littered with surface marker buoys. By replacing these with submerged Fiobuoys, Fiomarine can help retain the pristine nature of our coastlines. Marine animals also increasingly inhabit our coastlines and bay areas. Instances of entanglement are rising and often involve endangered species. By keeping everything submerged and reducing obstacles in the water, Fiomarine hopes to help ensure these creatures are around for future generations to appreciate.

Safety For All Users

Fiomarine grew out of a need for improved safety in the water. With increased urbanisation of our coastline comes more water users, more vessels and more surface marker buoys. These are obstacles that prove dangerous and sometimes fatal. By reducing the need for surface buoys and increasing access to waterways, Fiomarine believes we can have a positive impact on safety in the sea. Learn more about how it all began.